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Origami Tessellations - E. Gjerde

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008, 121

Explores geometry and tilings through the art of origami. This book provides the fundamentals of origami tessellations - including techniques to tesse

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Mechanical Engineering Principles

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012, 312

A student-friendly introduction to core engineering topics This book introduces mechanical principles and technology through examples and ap

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J. Freeman - Gifted Lives

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2010, 328

Reveals the dramatic stories of twenty outstandingly gifted people as they grew from early promise to maturity in Britain. This book also reveals the

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Pompeii and Herculaneum - A. Cooley, M. Cooley

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013, 352

The original edition of Pompeii: A Sourcebook was a crucial resource for students of the site. Now updated to include material from Herculan

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Constitution of Liberty

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2006, 512

Intended for those seeking to understand ideas that have become the orthodoxy in the age of the globalized economy.

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Janeway's Immunobiology, 9th Ed. - Murphy, K.

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2016, 928

Janeway's Immunobiology is a textbook for students studying immunology at the undergraduate, graduate, and medical school levels. As an introductory text, all students will...

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Visible Learning for Teachers

Taylor & Francis Ltd

Takes the next step and explains how to apply the principles from Visible Learning in your classroom. This book offers: concise and user-friendly summaries of the most...

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Ableton Live 9 K. Robinson

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013, 436

Learn how to create, produce, and perform your music at the next level by unlocking the power of Ableton Live 9. This book and web combination show

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Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2007, 384

Produce professional level dialogue tracks with industry-proven techniques and insights from an Emmy Award winning sound editor. Gain innovative solut

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Seven Myths About Education - Daisy Christodoulou

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014, 148

In this controversial new book, Daisy Christodoulou offers a thought-provoking critique of educational orthodoxy. Drawing on her recent experience of

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Origami 5

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2011, 660

Origami5 continues in the excellent tradition of its four previous incarnations, documenting work presented at

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Autonomous Maintenance in Seven Steps M. Tajiri

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1999, 352

Autonomous maintenance is an especially important pillar of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) because it enlists the intelligence and skills of the p

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Timing for Animation - J. Halas, H. Whitaker

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2009, 176

Teaches how animations should be arranged in relation to each other, how much space should be used and how long each drawing should be shown for maximum dramatic effect. This...

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Boudica V. Collingridge

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1999, 152

Boudica has been immortalised throughout history as the woman who dared take on the Romans - an act of vengeance on behalf of her daughters, tribe and enslaved country. Her...

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Gender Trouble - J. Butler

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2006, 272

Arguing that traditional feminism is wrong to look to a natural notion of the female, or indeed of sex or gender, this book questions the category 'woman' and continues in this...

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Activated Charcoal in Medical App David O. Cooney

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1995, 608

Highlighting activated charcoal's great effectiveness in treating drug overdoses and poisonings in both humans and animals, this reference brings together vital information...

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Fr - Understanding Developmental Language Disorders

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008, 248

Developmental language disorders (DLD) occur when a child fails to develop his or her native language often for no apparent reason. This work summarises the research...

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H. Bacher - Dream Worlds

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2007, 216

Includes illustrations from several animated movies such as "Bambi", "Mulan", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Brother Bear" along with insights from the artist on how and why they...

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Digital Painting Techniques

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2009, 288

Lets you discover the tips, tricks and techniques that work for concept artists, matte painters and animators. This book helps develop your digital painting skills.

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Molecular Biology of the Cell

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014, 1392, anglické

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise...

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Art of Game Design

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008, 520, anglické

Anyone can master the fundamentals of game design - no technological expertise is necessary. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses shows that the same basic principles of...

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Biology of Cancer

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013, 960, anglické

Thoroughly updated and incorporating the most important advances in the fast-growing field of cancer biology, The Biology of Cancer, Second Edition, maintains all of its...

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Molecular Biology of the Cell

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014, 1464

As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise...

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The Steadicam Operator's Ha - L. Hayball, J. Holway

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012, 472

Suitable for camera operators and directors who want to move the camera well, this title helps to learn various aspects of Steadicam operating. It moves from the physics and...

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3D Math Primer for Graphics F. Dunn, I. Parberry

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2011, 846

This engaging book presents the essential mathematics needed to describe, simulate, and render a 3D world. Reflecting both academic and in-the-tren

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Critical Discourse Analysis N. Fairclough

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2010, 608

Bringing together papers written by Norman Fairclough over a 25 year period, Critical Discourse Analysis represents a comprehensive and important contribution to the...

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Human Molecular Genetics - Strachan, T.;Read, A.

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2010, 807

Human Molecular Genetics is an established and class-proven textbook for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students which provides an authoritative and integrated...

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Software Testing - Paul C. Jorgensen

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013, 494, anglické

Titul je viazaný na špeciálnu objednávku, ktorú nie je možné vrátiť (platia Všeobecné obchodné podmienky)! This updated and reorganized fourth edition of Software Testing: A...

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Sustainable Fashion and Textiles - K. Fletcher

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014, 288

2nd edition. The defining text in this field, with new content. It brings a holistic, inter-disciplinary perspective to work that is often treated superficially. Beautifully...

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The Textile Conservator's Manual - S. Landi

Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1997, 364

Provides a review of the practice, ethics and materials used in textile conservation. Concentrating on decorative art objects from the major cultures,

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